About Rolling D Workwear

Our mission is to provide highly functional and classically styled clothing to women who work outdoors.

We strive for our clothing to be a reflection of the work you do as professionals, and to be an added piece of confidence as you carry out your life’s ambitions. 

Rolling D Workwear, is an ode to our family matriarch, Elaine, a farmer of exceptional resilience and grace. ‘Rolling D’ was the name of Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. While this business is new, the clothing is designed with the generational knowledge that things that are built to last are worth the investment.

The work clothing is inspired, designed, and tested by women who work outdoors, for women who work outdoors. The high quality craftsmanship required to make our workwear is proudly provided by a family owned and operated sewing factory in Canada.

We look forward to seeing you in the outdoors,

The Women of Rolling D

"I'm a farmer and come from a family full of female farmers; we want women who work outdoors to feel empowered by having work clothing designed specifically for them" - Co-Founder, Tomina Jackson